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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 31, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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eastern. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> today we have our panel and our outnumbered guest is tom shalou. great to you have. we will get right to it. before election day, americans are nervous to vote. a new usa today poll found 41% said times are more challenging now than usual and 26% say it is the most challenging time they can remember in their life time and 24% say it is about the
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same. when it comes to issues like iraq and syria, 43% of americans think a republican congress would do a better job and 32% put their trust in democrats. on the economy, 44% trust republicans to fix it and 36 go with democrats. both parties came in the on the same with ebola and democrats came ahead in social issued. so the mood of is favoring the gop. >> this is pretty true. a year back it was said the republicans would be winning this and what is interesting is it isn't running away. we have a tight race still. what this says to me is the republicans shouldn't read too
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much into their win, if they win the senate back, which i said when the democrats win americanerize very unhappy with both parties and they tend to vote against who is in power and that party misreads it and says everyo everyone loves us but they are just saying they like us better than the other candidate. >> 1/5th of the americans in the poll said they don't trust either side with ebola. you have a situation where it doesn't mean they love you. and carpal is playing a bigger role at the social level because you have been talking about the numberwise that. remember what happens after the election. people get their renewal notices and their bill to up sign up. >> at the end of the day,
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harris, it comes to finances and most people are not doing as well as they were when the president took office. many americans are struggling to pay their bills. the average worker in the 3rd quarter of this year made $790 a week and that is a dollar less than 2007. >> that is huge >> that is what is playing into the down beat mood of americans. tom, when americans were asked if they were satisfied with the direction of country, 34% of the those who answered said they were satisfied and 61% dissatisfied. >> we talked about anxiety. my theory is this: the government is good at dealing with the macro issues of keeping us safe and foreign border
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policy but not good at the smaller issues. we have a government that wants to control every detail of our lives down to deciding what goes into our kid's lunches. but they are not good with dealing with the big issues so people are anxious. >> and because we are at a war so it is important. >> how can you not be anxious? you have the war, financeerize not good, ebola is here, every dinner where we sit down with friends everyone is saying what is happening to our country. >> there was another poll out i think that spun all of our heads. it was a fox news poll and people were asked how concerned are you about the country and they think it is going to hell in a hand basket and 58% describe it that way. >> the candidates are out on the trail and anything can happen in the next couple days.
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>> it is most likely going to the republicans in terms of the senate but there are pollsters saying in the last days you are right. anything could happen. the democrats could hold on to this and people say the republicans will win because the climate is bad and when the climate is bad it is bad for the president. he is unpopular president and you have many candidates admitting the president is driving them down. >> you will be a lame duck no matter who wins because he is not getting much done with the executive pen now. what do you do? >> you play a lot of golf? >> i think it would be better as a democrat to let the republicans have the senate and house and they can show what
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they think they can do. >> just throwing the towel in. >> you tell us how great you are and have great ideas go ahead. >> louisiana's governor suggested that voters in the south are racist and sexist. she is locked in a three-way battle and her answer to why president obama has struggled politically in southern states could cost her critical votes. >> to be south hasn't always been the most friendly place for african-americans or for women to be able to present ourselves. it is more of a conservative place so we had to work hard on that. but the people trust me i
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believe to do the right thing for the state. >> on the kelly file last night, bill cassidy, the republican challenger, slammed her. >> people looking at obamacare and him going after their job that is the reason they don't support him. we are not racist. we just have common sense. that is probably what the people at her parties believe. >> seems like he took the high road there and didn't go back down the road and listed the photos. could her comments widen the gap in cassidy's favor? hate talk among some of the people who are offended are
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describing her words. what is the strategy? >> when i heard the comments i thought this is taken back because it made no sense about the women. i reached out to four or five democratic friends and either thought what she said was wrong. i am not kidding you. they are very smart people and they said what she said is true. >> you have lived there. >> i went to lsu where she made the comment. maybe someone might have a problem with what she is not saying and that is she was the decide vote on obamacare. and she is leaving out the president
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preside president'serating is is just as bad in the north and south. >> i think she is saying how much of a vote obama gets in the northern sates versus southern states. i don't think what she said helps her and i don't think it is necessarily correct and i don't think people -- are there people that don't like obama because they are racist? absolutely. but there are people all over that don't like him. >> this is risky business she is getting into. >> all of her friends are political people. >> do they think it will drive people to the polls? >> i didn't ask them. but it was like they didn't see it as relevant.
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>> in louisiana, one of the two candidates have to get 50% and if not it will force it into a run out. so either the gop has to win or the democrats have to win it take control. this is a really important race and is that how you want to tip the scales? >> if she can make this an issue this week, maybe it can drive up the minority turnout. >> you have an african-american president, she has been elected three times this will be the fourth. it just isn't true. >> there is a state senator in louisiana, gill ray is his name, it walks about mary landrieu's
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history with the black vote in louisiana. what he is saying in the political action is take a look at her record and how much she has done outside the state of louisiana and he said for blacks we are not important for her. we are just a vote. this is an issue inside had state. >> this person might think it is an issue and i don't think they think it is necessarily true. but to your point, even if it did drib drive up the african-american voters it will make the white voters come out because they are angry. >> when are women going to stop playing the victim card in politic snuz they are doing great. >> i just don't think it needs to be an issue. focus on your platform and what you will do for the state and
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stop blaming other people. enough already. >> also this. this is coming in. louisiana governor bobby jindel is blasting the comments. he is on your world today at 4 p.m. don't miss that. will next week's mid-term be a refrendum for the president's policy? is that strategy going to pay off? and isis saverages reporting they will attack americans with ebola. this comes as foreign fighters are teaming up to join with isis. is it time for president obama to revamp his war plan?
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welcome back to "outnumbered." isis terrorist are reporting terrorist are going to use a new weapon: ebola. that claims as they are exploring how to use the virus as a deadly weapon. united states officials say the airstrikes are not slowing the tide of roughly a thousand fighters joining the army every month. we just learned that guantanamo bay people released are back
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fighting as terrorist. >> we know the recruiting tools online are working to get the lone jihadist out there. but i think we have a map that shows how many foreign fighters are going to that region and just how much it is working for them to recruit people. if we pop that up and have it, you will see, look at syria, it is just bone-chilling. they will be at gitmo. the standard weekly did a look at the recidivism among those who had been in that particular part of the world and it was very high. they are going back into the fight with the fresh people coming in that have been there so it is or dangerous to have them go back because they are
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somewhat leader if you will. >> a thousand fighters going into syria each month and before the air strakes that is how many were going into the syria. so we are not stopping with the airstrike and critics are calling them ineffective. do you agree with that? >> some people are saying in reaction to the airstrike and the fact we have 16,000 foreign fighters in syria and the airstrikes as juan mccain was warning this was only supposed to be the beginning of the strategy. multiple generals on the air said this was supposed to be step one. what is next? we are still relying on the airstrikes to curb the foreign fighters and not seeing anyone with great impact or anyone on the ground to assess and give us feedback. >> did anyone expect airstrikes to stem the foreign fighters
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coming in? >> none of the generals did. they said this was the first step. >> ebola is not an affective weapon. that is just to get headlines. ebola would go nowhere as a biological weapon. >> what about the fact we learned the girls from minnesota were trying to join isis and were caught. we learned about them getting people over with united states passports and training them and bringing them back. and then even though it wasn't terrorist idea you had the guy who decapitated his mom. how do we prevent the lone
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wolves from attacking americans? >> we have to keep them from getting into the country. and i have to say luckily we have not had a major attack since 911 and we are talking about people coming in and out of the country and the government has overall done a good job, i think of finding out, and stopping the planned attacks. not always as there was the boston marathon but considering what we all expecting after 9/11, to be living in terror -- >> and the current administration doesn't poll well on that so that is interesting. they don't feel safe. they are not encouraged about the future of the country and not happy with the president's foreign policy. >> that is a recent issue.
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president obama was trusted before the republicans and that was the first time in a long time and what happened was the world exploded since then. >> maybe things will change on tuesday. we are days until the election day and we are watching one raise clorace closely. it is a senate race in iowa. plus a new study shows more than half of teenage girls say they are interested in politics but more than half belief they would have to work harder than a man to be taken seriously. what makes them think that and how could that impact future leaders? ♪ this is a man's world
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welcome back to "outnumbered." just four days to go until election day and new research is showing americans who are not happy with the president may do something about it when they vote. according to a new usa today poll those who call obama a factor in their decision by a 2-1 margin say they plan to cast a vote against him. and the senate race in iowa, ernst is using this to her advanta advanta advantage forecastly invoking the president -- this race is too close to call right now. the entire argument for the
9:28 am
republicans is this person votes with president obama. >> laying out the facts as you did, president obama hasn't been to iowa recently. his surrogates have. but he is like a lottery ticket. you don't have to be present to win. as long as you brush up against him. he said it is my policies on the ballot so the republicans are smart to do this because it goes along the lines of you said you were akin who to what happened to candidates so let's sell this. >> didn't the president do this for them? he said i am not on the ballot but my policies are. a vote for a democrat is a vote for his policiepolicies. but he also should point out michele obama and hilary clinton
9:29 am
campaigned for her opposition. >> and president obama has made the argument trying to turn out the african-american base. you cannot go on to an african-american radio station without the whole world hearing about it so that is what he did. he made the comments to al sharptan and that gets out more broadly. >> every post you make -- this is a good lesson. you reap what you sew. for the past ten years there is no democratic party. it is the obama party. they attach themselves to the personality of president obama and now they are suffering. >> did you say ten years? >> for the past ten years -- those two years before he became president it was the obama party. >> don't tell hilary clinton that. >> that is fighting words. >> we know what you mean.
9:30 am
it has been about this personality and the democrats don't stand for anything except obama and mow it is dragging them down. >> it is like high school. you are our best friend the first three years but then we will drop you. i think this is genius of joni ernst. when she is reading the polls and 2/3rds of the voters in her state are saying they will vote against the president she is going to link the president to her opponent. >> there is nothing factually incorrect she is staying in the speeches. just are we staying on the path are higher unemployment, we weakened national security and those are the policies that resulted in what is happening. >> that would mean the republicans have played no role
9:31 am
in what is happening and i would disagree with that. >> one of the photo-ops not showing the president on the trail but right now the president in is rhode island and going to stop by greg's restaurant and pub. >> great pubs and restaurants in rhode island. >> ladies, listen up, and tom be ready to respond. a new poll showing politics is still a man's world. a study by the dpurl scouts shows 74% of girls think if they pursued a political career they would have to work harder than a man to be taken seriously and girl's hesitancy about getting involved has a real-life affect.
9:32 am
of the hundred members of the senate 20 are women. and in the house only 79 of the 435 seats are held by women making up only 18% of the lower chamber. why is this, tom? >> my daughters say i could be president and i say why would you want to go into politics? we should not be telling our children they can be president. they have to return around and lie where to get where they are. an entrepreneur is at the top of my house. >> president obama says the government creates jobs >> they are public servants. we should tell them what to do. >> don't we in a
9:33 am
world, tom, where we do look up to the leaders in the country? >> wouldn't that be wonderful? what a pipe dream. i think the negative stuff we heard was don't become a news anchor. the salary isn't good starting out, you are moving around, and i thought i'm going to do this and overcome. more women will get into politics just like the workplace has increased to be 50-50. >> you are "outnumbered" today, tom. >> this is what i say: i think girl scouts and everybody should know this is a great time to be a woman they don't have to play up the game of we cannot make our way in the world. women are on fire. it is boys who are having problem.
9:34 am
>> what do you think of the little girls thinking politics are a man's world? >> they are. if you see only 20% of the senate is women. only 79 female house members. that is crazy. >> how do you change it? >> in 1992 they only had 2 female senators. i agree with tom in that i don't know why anyone would inspire they would like to go into the pa paul -- politics but if they would like to they should not pea discouraged because they are woman. >> women have to be protective about when they are used for issues. women stand up saying stop calling it the war on women we are candidates, too. but i think women are going to have to say that.
9:35 am
>> what about opportunity? >> there is a lot more room for all of us. >> you have seen the cat calling video on youtube where she is walking and the guys are screaming. i am concerned young women look at that and they'll think they are more concerned with what is on my head rather than what it is in. we have to lift each other up, and if i were her, you cannot say thank you, say ask me what i think. that will usually stop the cat calling >> weeks of worry in northeastern pennsylvania after police arresting the man accused on the brutal attack of two state troopers. details on how they will handle the case. and "the wall street journal" said the president could cut deportation for millions of americans in the country
9:36 am
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welcome back to "outnumbered." jeff sessions is slamming president obama after de wall street journal reported that the president is reporting to make executive order for grant immigration status to thousands and he is saying it will loose ms.ians of jobs. he is saying quote the world is turning outside down and stithaserving the special interest and fail to understand the duty the nation holds. through their voice they can turn the country right side
9:41 am
again. tom, is sessions correct when he said an excuteive order on immigration would be a mistake? -- executive -- >> i think he is right. i don't understand why the republicans have fumbled this foresee long. they should say we want to increase legal immigration and the democrats want to increase illegalgration. >> that message has no connection to reality. the democrats are not trying to bring the people from the shadows that are in the country. that is different. >> you don't think that is like turning on a magnet? >> no, we need a process that is going to make them legal. >> why don't republicans say no, they don't, they are never going to be legal.
9:42 am
i don't understand why that is such a big issue because they will never win in a presidential election. here is the thing. you are not characterizing this correctly. the wall street board has the same position on immigration i have. this isn't something going by party lines. i think you have the conservative base that is more in line with what you you are saying but i don't think karl rove would agree with that. jeb bush wouldn't. jeb bush is a rising presidential candidate and he would not agree with that. it is not open and shut in the republicans. >> senator session's point about the jobs of hard working americans is as a sensitive one and one that is sensitive in america considering we are looking at the real unemployment rate in the double digits. you have the labor participation
9:43 am
rate at 40 year lows. i cannot think of a worse time to do this >> these people are in the country and working. they are not taking jobs from anyone. they are already working. stow is as a question of bringing them out of the shadows. and you know the wall street germ journal is concerned about this is think it is as a net good for the country. >> i think to bring you in. former secretary of state clinton was in maryland and they were waves of immigration protesters saying the president has fallen on the dream act and other portions of deportation. wa waves of protesters. she could not get a sentence out. >> democrats are feeling pressure because they want am s
9:44 am
amnesty. if the gop doesn't take control of the senate and house next week the president will be able to pass anything he wants or it will be easier. if the gop takes control of the house and senate he will be playing a lot of golf >> he is do it by executive order but as session says how much will that hurt the country? >> i don't know if he will do amnesty because most democrats don't support that. but i do. >> what most democrats support is what the legislature was that was before the senate and that is the path to citizenship. it would take ten years to be a citizen. amnesty is instant but i am in
9:45 am
the minority. >> they should say hispanics we love you and want more of you but just do it legally. the maine nurse showing no signs of backing down in the defiance of the ebola-risk quarantine after a public bike ride she took yesterday. how public officials are reacting in the name of public safety. plus trick or treat? from isis to ebola themed costumes. how far is too far? or is it just about the market? s kathleen. setting up the perfect wedding day starts with her minor arthritis pain,
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9:50 am
ordered by the court to stay away from people for three feet and we learning her roommate had ebola. and now the pennsylvania capture eric frein and the prosecution is going for the death penalty. and a river of hot lava making its way to several homes in the area in hawaii. we will update you then.
9:51 am
>> some folks are dressing up like isis and ebola and is this too far? >> maybe they are taking care of people. we have people dressed as firefighters and people die in fires. >> the reason is people are going to be scared. a person shows up with hazmat on you will think there is a disease in the area. >> i am problem "outnumbered." why would anyone be scared? >> the critics are saying it is
9:52 am
insensitive because people are dying >> the jury is out on ebola. what about ray rice? >> the jury isn't out. it is in. >> but the people wearing the hazmat suits for not killing people with ebola. it would be more showing up as ebola. or an ebola patient isn't ready. >> if someone has hazmat on, his friend has to be the patient. >> i think the isis thing is really bad. the ebola thing is poor taste but not as serious as the isis terrorist. >> what happened to the sexy nurse? >> my doctor told me he is dressing up as joan rivers. over the line?
9:53 am
>> that is the ebola nurse for you. >> see, there you go. >> you are talking about #oldschooloffensive. >> on halloween, sexy and sexx est might be the same thing. guys, do you want your lady to stay hot for you? turn up the therm stat. how the temperature in your house determines the heat in your relationship. >> getting hot in here. (vo) rush hour around here starts at 6:30 a.m. - on the nose. but for me, it starts with the opening bell. and the rush i get, lasts way more than an hour. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading.
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♪ >> all right, the temperature drops the heat is on. and the heating bill rises and that means tensions in your relationships can as well. 55 percent of the couples admit to fighting over the temperature in the house. 35 percent saying they never can agree from with the partner. women are likely to suffer from cold hands and feet. and the ideal room temperature is 72 degrees. >> her hands are cold. >> she just touched my hand. >> look, you women are all
9:58 am
freezing all of the time. >> yes, they turn the term stat down here. >> and below. and anybody on the sofa have a problem when it comes to temperature in your relationship? >> i live with my wife and two daughters. i need a blanket and it is cold. everywhere you go. you have three daughters? >> i have three girls at home. >> just like out numbered. >> you have three girls that are cold and bundled why don't you take clothes off. it is like in the greenroom. kirsten had the furry coat. >> no, i am layered like a j crew. is anybody else cold in here? >> on the airplane is the worst. you get on the airplane and it is comfortable and the woman
9:59 am
said can you turn up the heat a little bit? you are like no. >> you can ask them to turn up the heat? >> you get on the plane and it is frigid on there. and how can something be so cold and stinky? >> it is the same on the train. you have to have a winter coat in the middle of the summer. >> you like that? >> no, i don't. >> you love cuddling up with the blankets. >> if you keep the house warm your wife will love you more. >> you spoke up so soon. >> no, it is not true. then you have to hug her. >> and part of the game. >> we love it when a woman has goose bumps on her arm. >> take away and get someone you are temperature compatible with. >> keep it on fnc. tune in for complete coverage with bret baier and megyn
10:00 am
kelliy. speaking of bret baier, he is our hashtag lucky guy. and have a great weekend. let's go get our sweaters girls. >> accused killer of a pennsylvania state trooper is now behind bars. >> eric frein is charged with first-degree murder and prosecutors say they want the death penalty. >> it is a great day for pennsylvania state police and all pennsylvaniians. >> the accused cop killer arrested. >> it was the handcuffs of corporal dixon. >> seven weeks on the run, justice will be served. >> plus, western women loving home to join isis? >> there is no better pr win than for isis saying they


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